Tip of the Week – “A” For Effort

In the business world, you, literally, get an “A” for effort. While effort is no replacement for quality or skill, it is the defining factor when separating businesses from those that do “OK” and those that truly excel. Speaking the other day with Tim Uhl, our marketing director, he talked about when he was shooting weddings. He would always schlep around an Alien Bee and portable battery because it allowed him the ability to create lighting that set himself apart. It wasn’t the fact that he was doing anything different or better necessarily, it was the simple fact that he was putting out the extra effort. Sure it was a pain to do this, but it was a little extra effort that helped set himself apart.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about what that little extra effort means and take a look at photographers who put that little extra effort out there. I hope this post inspires each and every one of you to do something a little different and put out a little extra effort that brings in those extra clients.


Effort On The Day

Check out this photo of Keith Cephus and his team on the day of the wedding. There are two things I notice here. First of all, with those business shirts, everyone looks extremely sharp.

But, what I really notice are the mics. Keith and his staff are hooked up for communication on the day. When this team shows up, the bride and groom (and all the guests) know they are in the hands of professionals. See more of Keith Cephus’s fantastic photography here. If you are looking for a Virginia Beach wedding photographer, he’s the man.

Promo Videos

Check out this awesome video by Dark Roux Photography. I don’t know about you, but when I see this, I feel like I want to just hang out with them.

we are…. // Dark Roux Photography from StreetCar Films on Vimeo. Check out Dark Roux Photography Here.

Another amazing intro video is by Liz Bradley and her awesome photography website.


Liz’s clients love her quirky enthusiasm, and so do I. Check out more of her photography here.


I hope these little snippets inspire you to take the extra step in everything you do.