Tip – It ain’t rocket science

I’m always inspired by the ingenuity and hard work of everyday people. In this world of information at your fingertips, I feel there is very little excuse for not being totally awesome at something you are committed to.


Information is everywhere around us. I’ve never been very adept at studio lighting, so I recently joined Kelby Training and went through Lindsay Adler’s fashion lighting course, as well as Jerry Ghionis’ finding the light series. Then I hired a couple models for some practice. With the first model, I failed horribly and hit the books again (well the videos).

The result?

These photos represent a step of growth in my own development as a photographer.  I had limited knowledge of how my lights worked to not only illuminate but also shape and sculpt a subject.  It puts me a step closer to being able to see the lighting I want in my mind and knowing how to use my lights to create it.  All I need to do is keep learning and experimenting. That’s it.


I was inspired by this young kid from Africa, Kelvin Doe. He’s a self-taught engineer. By dumpster diving in Sierra Leone he was able to build his own batter to power his parents’ house. He also was able to reverse engineer an FM radio transmitter so he could start his own radio station.

In the video you can see that his casing for the radio transmitter is basically a cardboard box.

The point?

If you want to become awesome at something, you can. There is a simple equation.

Studying Hard + Working Hard + Dedication = Awesomeness

Because, unless you are trying to build a rocket and go to the moon, it ain’t rocket science. So you might as well be awesome.