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I have to admit that I’m having just as much fun as you are with our new products. When I first started wedding photography almost 10 years ago, I was shooting digital, but the digital programs hadn’t caught up with a busy workflow. It seriously took forever to do anything. It was this frustration that took me on my journey to create Fundy Software INC and Album Builder v5.

Now It’s Possible

Pre-designing albums and ideas has always been a lot of work, with Album Builder v5 creating custom pre-designs for both Albums and Wall Art has just become a lot easier. Being able to design a wedding album in 15 minutes, a portrait or engagement album in 10 and a few idea boards in 5 means bigger sales.

The Psychology of Selling

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of sales training and have also spent a large amount of time researching the psychology of selling. It’s a proven fact that people buy what they can see, feel or touch more often than they’ll buy what they can’t see, feel or touch.

It would be a lot cheaper for car dealerships to have just one of each car in their line up, you choose which one you want and they order it for delivery. But we are emotional creatures. We need to see and test drive the car in the color that we want, with the options that we want.

I did a test with Album Builder v5, pre-designing the signing book and a few idea boards in a recent sales session. It was the shortest sales session I’ve ever had. I showed the couple the signing book design first. They loved it. Then I showed them the idea boards, they chose their favorite and the sale session was over.

How To Make Idea Boards



Pre-Designing Albums

Every person that I’ve spoken to that has high album sales, pre-designs their albums. For most photographers with high album sales, this is the very first thing that the client sees–their wedding album design. It is only after this that clients see the actual images.



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