Nikon Finally Releases New Lenses

Well, they didn’t just release new lenses. They also released the D3100. The only thing really exciting about it, is the constant AF while shooting video, and a dedicated video button. While, I’m not that excited about the camera itself, that means that video is going to play an increasing roll in Nikon’s cameras. We can expect the same technology to go into the D700 replacement, probably a D700s, with full HD and the new live AF.

But the big news is the new 85 1.4 with crystal nano technology. This has been a lens that everyone has wanted for years. The old 85 1.4 was a fantastic lens, but it was getting long in the teeth. And without an AF-S motor on it, it was slow to focus. But this new 85, if it is anything like the 50mm 1.4, it should be a big hit. My new 50 1.4 is an amazing piece of engineering.

For professional wedding photographers, the next lens in the lineup should be the most exciting. Well, at least if you shoot like I do. I spend most of my time on the wide end (14-24 2.8) or the long end (70-200 2.8VR). The only time I really spend any time in the mid-range is during the formals and towards the end of the night when everything is winding down. The new 24-120 f/4 VR should fill the shoes nicely. At about half the price of the 24-70 2.8, it makes much more sense to me as a workable midrange zoom.

The last lens, is just a wave to the casual shooter. It is the FX version of the 18-200 DX, which isn’t a bad lens by any stretch of the word. Granted you don’t want to do anything professional with it, but it is a great weekend lens with the family at the park. Stick that with the 50 1.4 and you have a great travel combination. The new 28-300 VR looks to be the new family/travel lens. Since the 18-200 was such a great performer, I expect this one to be also.