Featured Photographer • Victor Lax

Victor Lax is a talented wedding photographer based in Spain who has a passion for his clients, and believes success isn’t based on capturing a few nice pictures, but rather creating images that tell a story to look back on over the years. He’s work has also been awarded multiple times from Fearless Photographers and ISPWP. All photos © Victor Lax

Featured Photog 1

What was your first love?

I was studying geography and history for two years. During this time I found photography.

How did fate lead you to photography?

It was by chance. I met photography during the University – I was learning video and one day somebody showed me a dark room and photography.

Featured Photog 2

What do you love most about shooting weddings?

I love capturing all the emotions and actions that happen throughout the day. It’s amazing.

What is the biggest challenge in being your own boss?

Managing my own time.

What the most important thing you’ve learned as a working photographer that you were never taught in school?

Find your own way, your own style and finally, find the balance between my work and family life.

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What do you find to be the most effective marketing tools?

Work, work, work and try to give my best to my clients.

To see more of Victor Lax’s work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.