Feature – New Album Settings, Cut Lines and Safe Zones

With the introduction of our big end of year update, we’ve updated the Album Settings to make them more clear, and make sure you don’t end up with a bride’s head cut off. 

Access Your Album Settings

By default we set your album settings as best we can. If your album company has supplied Cut Lines and Safe Zones to us, we automatically put those in. If they do not, we take a very conservative default of .125 inches for the cut line and .5 inches for the safe zone. But you can check them and make changes yourself by clicking on the settings icon on the left side of your panel.


What is the Cut Line?

The cut line or cut zone indicates approximately where your album will be cut into. Remember, that after the inside of the album is created, it is cut with a large guillotine on three sides so the page edges are all smooth and nice. Your album company will cut somewhere in this cut zone, so make sure that nothing important is in there.

cut line

The Safe Zone

When designing an album, make sure to keep all important information within the safe zone. While your album company most likely will not cut past the cut line, there is always a chance. Either have your photos go completely to the edge of the page or stay within the safe zone. The most dangerous area is that “no man’s land” between the edge of the cut zone and the safe zone. Make sure no photo edges are in that zone.

safe zone

What is the Page Buffer?

With our Quick Design Picker® we want to give you the best designs possible, but also ensure that the design will be safe from any album cuts. The page buffer is the auto design buffer distance that Fundy Designer places your images from the cut line. We take the cut line and add it to the page buffer and that is where we place the edge of your images.

page buffer

If you aren’t seeing these new features, be sure to upgrade your Fundy Designer from the help menu or go to our downloads page.