Boda Bag v3…the best shooting bag ever?

We all love our camera bags. When I was shooting, I had my roller case jammed with all of my camera gear. But when I got to a wedding, I was stuck with a big clunky roller case that I had to move all over the location. Square shoulder bags are heavy, cut into your shoulder and basically make shooting from them awkward. I have used belt systems, and they are a great solution, but you really look like a nerdy version of the Dark Night ready to take down some geeky criminals.

Enter the Boda Bag v3. I was recently sent a Boda Bag for testing, and I can say, without a doubt, it is the very best shooting bag available on the market, bar none. The craftsmanship is top notch. Everything from the stitching down to the quality of the zippers is apparent from the first time you pick up the bag.

The flap, which opens the bag, folds over backwards revealing everything in the bag, for quick and easy access. The bag can be draped over your shoulder or attached to the waist. I prefer the waste mounted method. It allows quick access to everything in the bag without needing to take your eyes off of what you are shooting.

Some of my favorite features? There are so many, really. I love that it ships with a lens cleaning cloth on a retractable zip cord. I love that it has a dedicated CF card pocket with 8 CF card holders. Each holder contains a little flap, letting you quickly know which cards have been used and which ones haven’t. It has a dedicated phone pocket (which conspicuously fits my iPhone perfectly). A little clasp for your keys (I’ve never lost them at a wedding, I swear).

Check out my indepth video below.

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