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Setting up Gallery Designer

Gallery Designer was primarily created for in person sales with a projector. But you can conduct in person sales with a TV or even over a Skype or Google+ session. Let’s show you how many of our photographers are averaging $2000-$5000 per sales session.

Before using Gallery Designer there is just one thing you need to do. Set up the pricing on the products that you sell. Now remember, this is the retail pricing you charge your client, not the pricing you pay from the lab. Under the My Orders menu, choose Edit Pricing. Now enter the pricing for only the products you want to offer.

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Now let’s put some images on a room. If you are using a large TV or projector, you can calibrate Gallery Designer to show photos at actual size. This is a very powerful tool when selling. Click on the Actual Size icon and then click on the calibrate icon. We can now walk up to the tv or the projector screen and measure the orange line you see. Simply type that measurement into the dialogue box and gallery designer is calibrated.

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Now let’s walk through some of the layout functions of Gallery Designer. You can create a room layout by dragging any number of images onto a page.

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You can click the Layout button, just like in Album Builder or Blog Collage and choose the layout you like.


You can also just place one photo on a room, size it, then place other photos right next to it. Gallery Designer will do the hard work of lining things up. And it is always using the sizes of the wall art that you have chosen.


There are two functions unique to Gallery Designer that are a lot of fun. You can place photos between other photos and the photos will instantly resize to line every photo up on the wall.


Another fun trick to use with your clients is bulk resizing. If your clients explain that something is too expensive, just select all photos and make them smaller.

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Setting Up a Sales Session in Gallery Designer

In the video above, we show you how to get set up for a sales session using Gallery Designer. We estimate it probably takes about 5-10 minutes to get set up per session.

If you haven’t already, create a project for your client with the edited JPEGs from Lightroom or your favorite photo processor.

Next, create a Gallery Design. In this process, choose the lab you want to use. If you might sell two different products from two different labs, no problem just create a second Gallery Design. Your project will keep track of client selects, so you won’t create any confusion down the road with more than one Gallery Design.

If your client has sent you a photo of a room in their house, import that now. After selecting that photo, measure anything in the photo that is close to the back wall (you will need this information from your client). Now choose the auto design area (you want to make sure the area is ONLY on open wall space).

Now you are ready.

Ordering Your Wall Galleries

Now it’s time to order your wall art. You have two basic choices: order direct from Fundy Designer or order through your lab.

Order Wall Art through Fundy Direct

First, let’s show you how to order direct from Fundy Designer. Be sure to check out the Partners page to see if your lab is supported in Fundy Direct and what options are available.

Click the order button on Fundy Designer and we’ll start exporting the galleries and uploading the images.


Once the upload is done, you can choose the hanging options. Put in your credit card and you are done. Think of all the time you’ll save ordering your albums direct!

Order Wall Art through your Lab

If you need to order your wall art through your lab, don’t worry. We have you covered. Click the export button and choose export for print.


Notice that we resize, crop and upscale everything for you. We even put the wall art size in the file name.  Once Fundy Designer exports the print files, send those to your lab through ROES or their online ordering system.

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