Fundy Direct or Design and Export Tutorials

Fundy Direct is the simplest way to order albums and wall art. Click to order couldn’t be simpler. Be sure to check out the Partners page to see if your lab is supported in Fundy Direct and what options are available.

Start an Album with Fundy Direct

When you go to create an album, our direct labs allow you to order the album in one click when you are done.


 Order an Album Direct from Fundy Designer

It’s easy to order direct from Fundy Designer. Click the order button on Fundy Designer and the spreads of the album will be exported and uploaded.


Fundy-V7-Tutorials-Album-Export-Ordering-02 Fundy-V7-Tutorials-Album-Export-Ordering-03 Fundy-V7-Tutorials-Album-Export-Ordering-06

Once the upload is done, choose your cover material, paper type, any other options, then put in your credit card, and you are done. Think of all the time you’ll save ordering your albums direct!

Start a Wall Gallery with Fundy Direct

Open a new project and choose Fundy Direct, then choose your lab of choice. Finally, name your project, and you are ready to design!


Order through Fundy Direct in Gallery Designer

Once you have finished a Wall Gallery, click the order button in Gallery Designer and it will start exporting the galleries & uploading the images.


Once the upload is done, you can choose the hanging options. Put in your credit card and you are done. Think of all the time you’ll save ordering your Wall Galleries direct!