v7 Drop Zone & Quick Design Picker Tutorials

Drop Zones and Quick Designer are basically patented magic in a bottle. We want to show you how you can harness this magic, be in full control of your design without having to do any of the work.

Drop Zones

In the video above, we put some images in a drop zone and show you what happens when you resize and move that Drop Zone around. This is the cool part. No matter how many images you put in or take out, Drop Zones line everything up for you.

If your client wants to add an image, just do it. Even put it exactly where they want. If your client wants to remove an image, just remove it and Drop Zones will figure it out.

drop zones

Move images between images, replace verticals and horizontal images. Change all images to squares. Change just one image to be a square. If you hold down the shift key, you can change just that row or column of images. Have some fun!

As you learn more about Drop Zones, note that you have icons that control all of the images in the Drop Zone. And, at the bottom of each image, you can control each image individually.

Quick Design Picker

Now that you know the secrets behind the Drop Zone, let’s take a look at what the Quick Design Picker really is. In a design, It lets you page through the options of what you can do with that number of images. The same design with a different number of images will have different options to page though. We feel that this one design idea, replaces millions of templates and makes design fun again.


The Quick Design Picker allows you to choose the best design for the images you have.

Remember, the Quick Design Picker isn’t displaying templates, it’s showing you designs based around your images. If you see the a design that you love right away, just pick that one. If you see a design that you like but want to see similar options, you can scroll through them. If you are looking for a specific design, you can always filter the designs being displayed. 


Deep Dive Tutorials

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