Tip of the Week – Sell more products with product shots

It’s a business adage as old as business itself–people buy what they see. If you walk into Subway and see a photo of a sandwich, you are more likely to buy that sandwich than something else on the menu. It’s just human nature.

In the business of photography, customers are the same, they want what they see. If they see only pretty photos on a website, then that’s all they want. The client wants pretty pictures they can share on Facebook, etc. If the client sees works of art on the wall and beautiful heirloom albums, that’s what they will want.

The simple of it–show what you want to sell. Both in person and on your blog/social media.

Album Shots

For quite some time, I’ve recommended shooting every album that comes through your studio and post photos of the actual album on your blog. Current and potential clients will see the albums and you’ll attract more clients who want albums. And your bottom line with grow.


Jessica Hill of Jessica Hill Photography, a Portland, Oregon wedding photographer – sent us these sample shots.

© Images copyright Jessica Hill Photography – collage created with auto collage in Blog Collage.

How To

Album product shots are extremely easy. If you have a nice floor, put the album on the floor near some window light and start shooting. If you don’t have a nice floor, just drape some cloth over an armchair and point the armchair toward window light. So easy.

Every person I know who has started doing this has started selling more albums.