Tip • 120 Page Album in Ten Minutes

A 120-page album designed in ten minutes? That sounds like hyperbole. But we understand that album design isn’t just about beautiful spreads, but also about production time. Designing albums shouldn’t be a chore.

Last week we showed you how to control the auto design. But what happens if you just let The Fundy Suite do the hard work for you – what happens?

We Use Time Stamps

I’m sure you are already making sure your cameras are time synced. If you aren’t here’s a lazy way to do it.


© Megan Allen

We actually look for photos that were taken closer together and put those on the same page. Then we look for breaks in time, and put the next group in the same page. This means that your story stays intact.

Do Some Get Mixed Up?

Yes, if you have two shooters maybe taking photos at the same time of the bride and groom getting ready, they can accidentally end up on the same page. If you group them before hitting the auto design as we talked about here, this will be prevented. But you can also just drag photos between pages and re-arrange after the fact.


@Megan Allen

Let’s watch this short video how we designed a beautiful album in 10 minutes.

We hope that the auto design function helps you design better and faster this year. If you already own v7 it’s time to play around. If not, download the trial here: