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The Fundy support staff is right here in Oregon, available for you Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm PDT. If you're experiencing an issue or just have a question, feel free to chat with us live or submit a support ticket. Our dedicated team is here for you.


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Fundy Designer is compatible with Mac 10.7 or above and Windows 7 and above. Fundy Designer requires your computer has 8GB of total ram. There is a minimum screen requirement of 1440x900 pixels. Export to PSD requires CS6 or later. Purchasing a licenses, allows registration of two computers. If you are having issues, our first recommendation is to update your software to the newest version at

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Album Builder

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the software, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. A return of the product will result in your software reverting back to trial mode immediately.

What album companies and labs can I design for?

We currently have eight labs that support direct ordering from Fundy Designer in the United States. These labs are Bay Photo, Design Aglow, Finao Albums, Lush Albums, Miller’s Professional Imaging, PQ Blackwell Albums, ProDPI, RedTree Albums and Renaissance Albums. In 2017 we will be adding international direct ordering options. Currently we have sizes for more than 110 album companies and labs listed in Fundy Designer for Design and Export. For a complete list of labs supported in Fundy Designer please visit our partners page.

What types of books can I design?

Album Builder was created for professional wedding and portrait photographers. It can be used to design flush mount albums, lay-flat photo and press albums and books, signing books, custom mat albums and more. There are very few albums which Album Builder cannot be used to design.

How many images can I use per album?

We recommend bringing in a subset of your shoot into Fundy Designer, and using an average of 2-3 images per page for a contemporary design aesthetic. Bringing in approximately 50% more images than your target number is recommended for a professional, effective workflow.

What resolution and DPI do you recommend?

More than 100 labs are supported in Fundy Designer, and we automatically export print-ready files at the proper dpi. DPI is one of the more misunderstood aspects of photography. A 10″ album at 300ppi (pixels per inch or dots per inch) is 3000 px. A 3000px file at 72 dpi and 300dpi is EXACTLY the same size. So we recommend you pay attention to pixels over inches. For more information on resolution, click here.

Can I save my own designs/templates?

Yes. And this is one of those, “but wait, there’s more.” Because Fundy Designer is the only patented photo design program that makes templates obsolete, we do more than save your design. We save your design idea. This means that if you save a design concept, you can re-use that design no matter how many images you have, or if your combination of verticals, squares or horizontals is different from your original design.

How can I edit my photos after my design is done?

A proper workflow involves making your final edits after your design is finished and approved. Fundy Designer offers the most flexible workflow of any design program available to professional photographers. You have the ability to launch any photo or group of photos directly from Fundy Designer to your favorite photo editor (e.g., Photoshop, Alien Skin Exposure, onOne). You can also create a Lightroom-friendly search list of only the photos used in the design. Additionally, you can export only images used in a design for editing, then later re-sync those images. For more information on managing your images, click here.

Fundy Direct

What is Fundy Direct?

Fundy Direct is a service to all Fundy Designer users. It allows you to skip the export and order process of albums and wall art. Will do all the cropping, exporting, etc., for you. Simply choose your options at checkout.

If you don’t see the option you want, it may not be available through Direct. Contact the lab or our support team with any questions regarding your Direct order before submitting your album for print!

For owners of Fundy Designer, there are no fees. It’s the same price as purchasing from the lab. Trial users can still order through direct and incur a $35 design fee.

Is there a markup fee?

No. Prices in Fundy Direct are the same as if you ordered directly from the lab.

Who can I order through?

A current list of all of our partners is on our partners page.

Are all my lab options available?

We do not support every single option for every lab. We do support the most popular options and are adding more options every month. To see all of the options, please see our price list available from the download page.

You can also contact the lab or our support team at any step of the ordering process with questions. Make sure to ask any questions prior to submitting your order.

Design Proofer

Is it mobile compatible?

Yes. For pick galleries both phone and tablets are supported. For proofing a design, smart phones and tablets are supported for your clients. Smart phones may be too small depending on your design.

What browsers are supported?

For clients, all browsers are supported. For administration, we recommend Google Chrome. Safari is not supported for upload.

Is Design Proofer included?

No. Because we host your files, Design Proofer can be purchased as a yearly subscription ($96 per year), a half yearly subscription ($72 per six months) or a monthly subscription ($15 per month).

Can I design in any program for Design Proofer?

No. Design Proofer is optimized for Album Builder and Gallery Designer v6 and v7. Previous versions of Album Builder and/or other design programs are not supported. Design Proofer is made for users of Fundy Designer.

Blog Collage

How many images can I use per collage?

Blog Collage is made for the web. The too many images in your collage will result in a collage that is too large to display for the web. We limit the number of images per collage to 15.

How big can my collage be?

We limit each collage to five rows of images.

How many collages per design can I make?

You can make multiple collages per design. We recommend no more than 20 collages per Blog Collage design.

What dpi does Blog Collage export at?

By default Blog Collage exports at a standard 72dpi for the web. Some programs may display this at 300dpi. Remember, that for pixels, dpi does not matter. 2000px at 72dpi is exactly the same size as 2000px at 300dpi.


Can I use Blog Collage for a Facebook cover photo or a print collage?

No. Blog Collage is made for the vertical web. It automatically increases or decreases the height depending on the number of images you add. For fixed height and width designs we recommend using Album Builder or Gallery Designer and then exporting for web.

Image Brander

How big can my logo be?

Logos must be saved as a PNG and be no larger than 2000px on the longest side.

What about metadata and SEO?

Image Brander will transfer any metadata for SEO purposes that are embedded in your images. We recommend adding your metadata in Lightroom or Photo Mechanic.

Image Finder

Can I search RAW photos?

No, Image Finder was created to work with edited images, ready for design. It will find JPEGs.

Will it search my entire drive?

No, Image Finder was created to search just your client folder. If you have a list of images, point it to a folder and it will find just those images.

Can I use Image Finder to tag images?

Yes, with the Gallery Designer update, you can tag photos being imported or photos already in a Fundy Designer project.

What shopping carts is Image Finder compatible with?

Image Finder is compatible with all shopping carts that will export client favorites as a list or CSV file.