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Kristin Reimer of Photomuse is a seasoned fine art photographer in New York whose previous experience as a painter led to her rich photographs. A recipient of a number of industry awards, Kristin strives to create tactile imagery that “uses multiple layers to create depth.”

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How did you get started in photography?

By being a cartoon-addicted kleptomaniac. In other words, I would sneak my parents’ 110 camera and photograph cartoons off the television when nobody was around. Formally speaking though, I started when I was allowed to drop my science class in high school and take a different elective. It was NOT a hard choice to go with photography over dissecting frogs!

How does your painting background influence your style?

I have always looked to art history for inspiration in posing and lighting and figure drawing gave me the means to better articulate a gesture or pose. Eventually I started to merge the photography and painting. I began to “build” images from my mind using Photoshop much as I had once painted on canvas. The images I started to create all contained places and elements that I have always been drawn to. As I embraced this process, I found that my clients also wanted to be a part of the same vision. In creating a fantasy world for my clients to escape into, I can provide them with something unique and personal; created solely for them. Additionally, I am also able to escape into a place of my choosing for the time it takes to create these pieces. Typically, the locations are much more soothing than the streets of Brooklyn!

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What do you love most about shooting weddings?

What a tough question! After all these years, there is still so much I love! There is considerable latitude for challenge and growth within the wedding photography field. While there is a need to follow a set of rules (the wedding day “script”) there is also leeway to create artistic images in my own style. On top of that is the collaborative experience that comes from the energy the couple and I feed each other. If I begin to feel bored, that is an indicator that it’s time to push harder, refocus and find a new way of creative expression.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a working photographer that you were never taught in school?

How to make a living and survive as an artist.

How to make a living and survive.

How to survive.

I’m still learning.

How has Fundy Designer helped improve your workflow?

Talk about pushing harder to grow…I love how this software is always pushing forward and keeping ahead of the curve.

The software is so user friendly and flexible. I can take advantage of the automatic functions and design quickly to create a more budget friendly album. I can also be more methodical to design an album that requires more of my touch. Either way, the ease that it provides to work with the images gives me flexibility to focus on creation and not process.

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Do you have any workshops or other products to recommend?

I’m excited about Mylio right now. It’s been awhile since a good, robust photo management program was released. There are so many great features about this program, but I really like the ability to easily access my archive whenever I need to while I’m on the go.

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