Feature List

The world’s #1 album design and in-person sales software.

Automated album design for the professional.

Design contemporary wall collages.

Professional in person sales software.

Instantly create collages for your website or social media.

Professional social media branding.

Most powerful image browser in any photo design application.

Import stars, keywords, etc from Bridge, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, etc.

The only template-free design software.

Round trip images to Photoshop and other editing software.

Workflow for Lightroom users.

Automatically updates any changes in your image files.

Auto saves projects.

Unlimited undo history stack in any view.

Find just your client selects with Image Finder.

Includes album and wall art sizes from more than 120 labs and album companies

A suite of design modules all in one fun, fast, professional design application.

Design multiple albums, wall art, blog collage and brand your images with ONE project.

Slideshows with more than $600 in Triple Scoop Music built in.

Bicubic upsizing and downsizing comparable to the best in the industry (no more resizing for large albums and wall art).

The fastest and easiest album design software in the world.

The world’s only professional auto design in one click (patent pending).

Control the auto design with stars, tags, groupings and more.

Album slideshows and sales tools in studio or remote via video chat.

Show designs and upsell from anywhere via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Millions of design combinations available.

Choose from more than 150 designs in a click with our Quick Design Picker.®

Save your own designs and re-use them.

Free design with automated, quick image snapping in Drop Zones (patented).

Album sizes for more than 120 album companies.

Order direct from Designer to the world’s best labs (save time with every order).

Duplicate a main album and change the size (or dimensions) without any redesign.

Change album designs between square, vertical and horizontals without any redesign.

Change page order with a simple drag.

Drag images between spreads in our unique planner view.

Swap verticals, horizontals and squares without redesigning.

Professional in-person sales software.

Present wall art professionally with custom room previews, collections and frames.

Customers report sales between $2000 – $7000 after switching to in-person sales with Gallery Designer.

Conduct in-person sales in your studio, client’s home or online with Skype or Google+

Create multiple client orders and invoices on the spot.

Show wall art to scale on your client’s walls (when they send you a photo).

Auto cropping and upsizing (no more cropping and resizing after the order) on export.

Free design with automated ease.

Save your own collages and re-use them.

Dozens of options with a click using our Quick Design Picker®

Drag and drop.

Resize wall images with simple dragging.

Save your own collections.

Project wall art at actual size.

Slideshows with more than $600 in Triple Scoop Music built-in.

Flawless presentation, easy set-up, streamlined workflow.


Order Flush Mount Albums direct from Fundy Designer.

Order Press Books direct from Fundy Designer.

Order canvases, metal prints and wood prints direct from Fundy Designer.

Automated cropping and upsizing when ordering (bicubic resizing).


Designed to encourage client approvals, saving you time.

Clients tag changes right on the design.

Upload multiple revisions.

Clients can approve the design in one click.

Email notification of client approvals.

Create multiple collages in a click.

Add your own branding in a click.

Save and re-use your favorite styles.

Export collages as a single JPEG for blog and social media.

Great for sending collages to vendor partners (florists, dress designers, cake shops, etc.).

World’s most flexible watermarking tool.

Add logo, borders, copyright, file names and more.

Save and reuse your styles.

Batch export all images in project.

Add another folder of images to your batch.

Batch out multiple sizes at the same time.