Faster Design Approvals

Faster Approvals and More Accessible Flip Book

We recently pushed out an exciting auto update to the flipbook for Design Proofer. Now your clients can access their designs across multiple browsers and mobile devices, which means they can approve your designs even faster.

But the biggest change you’ll see going into the fall is faster album approvals. We’ve added a button right on under the album called “Approve Design.”

Now clients can approve the design right away without entering the comments section. As we move towards the fall, faster approvals will mean avoiding that end of fall crunch. They can always, request changes, which we’ve made easier to see. 

As always we hope these updates help you work faster and be more profitable. 

* these changes will be automatic. You will not need to do anything to your album proofs for your clients to see the new flip book. The links they may have received in the past will lead to the new flip book page.