Design GraphiStudio Matted Albums in Fundy

GraphiStudio matted albums are a stunning and luxurious way to tell your clients’ story. Learn how you can design these beautiful albums within Fundy Designer in only a few short steps.



© Jerry Ghionis


Follow these simple steps in Fundy Designer to set up your matted album design with GraphiStudio:

1. Refer to the GraphiStudio Matted Album Specifications.

2. In Fundy Designer, select your Graphi album from the “Design and Export” option

3. Click the Settings icon in the top right of Fundy Designer

4. Match your cut line, safe line, and image spacing settings to the requirements on the Graphi Matted Albums specs sheet (see tutorial video below!)

5. Add a thin stroke that will indicate the cut line for the mats (a 2 or 3 is good)

6. Design your album!



© James Minns Photography


Watch the quick tutorial video to see exactly how to configure your settings: Just remember, no photos can go to the edge of the page or cross the middle of the page. 

Ready to get started? Access the GraphiStudio Matted Album Specifications.


© Yervant Photography



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