Version 7.5.23


Version 7.5.2


Version 7.10 



Version 7.08



Version 1.9.34 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Importing an existing Project onto itself deletes the project file
  • Corrected color shift on export in Blog Collage
  • Fixed issue where some Windows users were having crashes on startup
  • Autosave when making new pages in Album Builder
Version 1.9.26 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Added language for Fundy Direct notifying users to check their work before uploading their files
  • Album Size Settings will now initiate the Album Wizard
  • Fixed bug – Blog Collage now exports the correct image quality
  • Windows shortcut opacity has been changed to Shift + 0-9
Version 1.9.23 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Fundy Direct is now enabled, allowing you to order albums directly through Fundy Designer
  • UI updates to text in a number of places around the program, increasing readability and making it less likely that text will be cut off
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on opening projects that failed to update correctly after the last patch
  • Fixed a crash that affected Blog Collages with missing style data
  • Fixed an issue in which certain combinations of settings in Blog Collage could cause images to be badly cropped on export


Version 1.9.17 (Release)


Bug Fixes:
  • The introduction of multi-language Fundy Designer introduced unexpected bugs. We have pulled multi-lingual support for Fundy Designer in order to test further. There have been no other changes.


Version 1.9.16 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • New Drop Zones 2.0
  • You can now drag & drop images to insert, reorder, create and remove rows and columns in a Drop Zone
  • Toggle between rows and columns using an icon in the top left of the Drop Zone
  • Images within a Drop Zone can now have their aspect ratios be set separately from one another, and new aspect ratio options now exist
  • Images can be aligned to the sides of a Drop Zone instead of centered in the space
  • Blog Collage now supports multiple collages in a single project
  • You can now save the design of an album pages to My Designs, a new tab in the layout selection screen
  • The layout selection screen now includes a tab with signing book designs that include extra white space around the images
  • Images can now be set as a background image for an album page which will remain in the background even if the layout is changed to a new design
  • A selection of background patterns has been added for use in Album Builder
  • The album settings panel has been updated to make it easier to set the cut and safe zone values
  • Many additional bug fixes and feature improvements


Version 1.8.5 (Release)


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed color shift on Image Brander export with non-sRGB images
  • Fixed bug that caused default safe/cut lines to be less than one pixel on albums defined in pixels


Version 1.8.4 (Release)


Bug Fixes:
  • Small updates to album creation wizard to make it easier to use
  • Fixed bug that caused text to not appear in the wizard for some Windows users
  • Fixed bug that caused a non-functional menu to appear for some Windows users
  • Fixed crash on exporting only the cover page of an album for Proofer


Version 1.8.0 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Added Export to Photoshop (Beta)
  • Added Image Finder utility
  • Added Square Canvas / Instagram Ready style option to Image Brander
  • Added Album Creation Wizard to clarify album size selection process
  • Added toggle for viewing image size warnings
  • Added option to select sRGB, AdobeRGB, or Match Images on export from Album Builder
  • Improved on-screen guides in Album Builder
  • Fixed several crashes, display issues, and other bugs


Version 1.7.30 (Release)


Bug Fix:
  • Altered drawing of image stroke on Windows to be more consistent and match OS X rendering


Version 1.7.29 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • This version implements a new update process
  • You must update to this version to be notified of future updates


Version 1.7.27 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Reduced memory overhead when exporting projects with extremely large originals that require color conversions
  • Altered color management to more accurately export selected RGB values for keylines and background colors
  • Added automatic conversion of entered values when the units setting is changed in the Album Builder custom size panel
  • Improvements importing and exporting project files, supporting overwriting existing project files and detection of project files with their extensions removed
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching projects while edits are in progress on an album spread, collage, or Image Brander style
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging images into a spread that contains only text, with no images, in Album Builder’s planner view
  • Fixed a bug in which settings changes to defaults were not always reflected immediately in Album Builder’s planner view
  • Fixed a bug that could cause images to appear blurry while editing after project images are re-synced after having their links broken
  • Added the option to Rebuild Project Images, which can be used to repair projects affected by the issue that caused images to appear blurry while editing
  • Additional under-the-hood stability improvements


Version 1.7.25 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Improved compatibility of albums exported for proofer
  • Image thumbnail panel will update correctly after undo/redo
  • Fixed the image spacing setting for albums defined in millimeters
  • Fixed several crash bugs that could occur when duplicating drop zones


Version 1.7.24 (Release)


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes color management issue with Image Brander and Blog Collage


Version 1.7.23 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Update Required — This change includes mandatory security updates
  • Removed cap on the number of images that can be imported into a project
  • Improved the consistency of branding size across Blog Collage and Image Brander exports
  • Post to Facebook!
  • Added support for multiple lines in the description for Facebook uploads
  • Added the option to duplicate Drop Zones and album pages
  • Additional bug fixes, stability, and security improvements


Version 1.7.15 (Release)


New Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Image Brander will now preserve IPTC metadata on export
  • Improved export speed and reliability in Image Brander and Album Builder
  • Safer pre-export checks and feedback in all modules
  • Prevented Fundy Designer from being opened twice simultaneously
  • Added ability to clear settings on startup
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements


Version 1.7.9 (Release)


New Features:
  • Improved stability and error logging
  • New projects have much faster import and load times
  • Extensive bug fixes


Version 1.6.11 (Release)


New Features:
  • Duplicate Sub Project added to sub project right click menu
  • New image manipulation features; rotate, Black and White, and Sepia
  • Collapse Drop Zones™ to fit images
  • Drop Zones™ background colors
  • Export now has an export page range option
  • Right click menu in the image well which allows you to delete, update, and replace selected images
  • Image well now has indicator icons for images with missing file paths or out of date images
  • Added new tooltips across the user interface
  • Remove unused images feature added to edit > manage images menu
  • Image import button now works on file selection rather than folders
  • Added the ability to edit all images in Drop Zones™ in an external editor
  • Added the ability to Import and Export Projects
  • Album builder settings panel now has options to edit the inner and outer guide line distances
  • You can now nudge Drop Zones™ using the arrow keys
  • Added album sizes for WHCC, Queensberry, The Boudoir Album, H&H, Venice, ProDPI, Finao, and Renaissance
  • Splash screen image updated
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed crash on canceling image import
  • Fixed issues with cover and print sizes
  • Fixed issues with user registration and licensing
  • Fixed file watcher for images edited in an external editor
  • Fixed memory leaks in AutoSave feature and optimized memory usage for large albums
  • Fixed crash when entering special characters in project names
  • Major bug fixes to exporter UI dialogs and crashes during export
  • Optimized re-sync and update images to only update files that exist in the chosen folder and only the images that have been modified

Version 1.5.1 (Release)



  • Album Size Changes for Millers, GTA Imaging, and Willow Paperworks
  • Fixed bug which caused Edit Image in External Editor to error out on folder paths with special characters
  • Import image limit is only enforced as a hard limit on initial import, and soft limit when using add and resync from the edit menu
  • Fixed a bug that prevented projects from loading if the original custom size was not found in the application database, album size now stored with the project database
  • Fixed a bug in which some fonts will not draw at all on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug causing the screen to not properly refresh and text controls to not move after rotating or changing the font on text on Windows.
  • The font list on Windows is now in alphabetical order.
  • The color of the font scroll bar now stands out more, to make it easier to see, especially on Windows with large numbers of fonts.

Version 1.5.0 (Release)



  • Login, User Registration, and License Activation Interface Changes
  • Added manual registration interface in the help menu for those who cannot connect to our servers
  • Offline license and machine key authentication feature added
  • Renaissance and Millers, Single First and Last Page is set to false for all album sizes
  • West Coast Albums, DPI set to 300 for all album sizes
  • Capped new projects at 350 images
  • Thumbnail view preferences (aspect ratio and filter) will now be remembered after the panel is closed
  • Fixed text sometimes typing out of order on Windows
  • Fixed bug where cover template images weren’t deleted properly
  • Fixed crash on autosaving albums with no images
  • Fixed memory usage bug that could cause the program to crash when re-syncing images
  • Fixed visual bug in which re-syncing images didn’t update the import popup correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the color conversion when exporting for web
  • Fixed scrollbar jitters
  • Fixed visual bug after deleting sub projects on Windows
  • Fixed crash when adding pages from designer view in short or empty albums
  • Fixed bug that allowed going to designer view when there were no pages to design
  • Fixed bug that allowed viewing deleted pages in designer view
  • Fixed common shell errors when launching an external editor on Windows
  • Fixed bug in which the relative layering of text and drop zones wasn’t saved correctly
  • Fixed crash when bringing a page with text on it into the layouts view
  • Fixed visual bug in which thumbnail in-use appearance didn’t immediately update after a spread was deleted
  • Fixed visual drop zone controls appearing out of place when double clicking the first page, or when changing the canvas size

Version 1.4.1 (Beta)



  • Updated server and registration panels to help with firewall and registration issues.
  • Fixed error with custom album size values not being saved
  • Fixed crash error on web export with large albums
  • Added auto save every 5 minutes
  • Fixed bug where user was allowed to create a spread after the last page.
  • Decimal point entry on custom size fields
  • Removed leading and trailing white spaces on pasting email addresses or invoice Id’s on registration UI panels
  • Added default key line width and color in the settings panel
  • Application now automatically quits on window close
  • Fixed bug for Metric Album sizes which exported at minimum size quality