Version 7.6.25


  • Added Blog Collage page range export option
  • Added Blog Collage page numbers
  • Increased Blog Collage limit to 50
  • Corrected slideshow vertical image scaling
  • Corrected slideshow export audio loop
  • Corrected an issue causing large slideshow export failure on Windows
Version 7.6.19

Changes – Desktop

  • Slideshow export 
  • New music tracks for slideshow
  • Logo upload to slideshow
  • Delayed start for slideshow 
  • Ability to show images and designs in slideshow
  • Perfectly Clear batch sync
  • Removed extensions from file names when displaying on images
  • Corrected metadata issue affecting image rotation
  • New and improved Album setup wizard
  • Premium Labs include cover templates
  • Addition of GraphiStudio as a Global Partner
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

    Changes – Design Proofer

  • Password protection for proofs
  • Automated email reminders
  • HTML5 supported flip book
  • Cut lines and center line
  • Improved commenting 
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements


Version 7 .5. 41    
  • Fixed issue with over-saturation of images 
  • For already created projects use the menu item Images > Rebuild Project Images to see changes
  • Fixed memory leak in Planner View which may have caused some crashes


Version 7 .5. 35    
  • Speed improvement across the board in Windows
  • Speed improvement for initial image import 
  • Changed how slideshow slides are loaded to remove the delay before they start
  • Improved smoothness of slideshow cross-fades 
  • Added link to the change log for future auto-updater notifications
  • Removed reference to loupe tool from resize warning tooltip
  • Fixed a number of bugs that may have caused software crashes
  • Fixed visual issue in which a variety of settings in Gallery Designer did not appear to apply correctly
  • Fixed custom Gallery Designer size limits being too low when measure in metric
  • Fixed Perfectly Clear edit panel controls being able to scroll off of the panel
  • Fixed Perfectly Clear edit panels appearing when sidebar is collapsed in client view
  • Fixed Gallery Designer wall view not resizing correctly when different dimension rooms were dragged in
  • Fixed Collection and Composite group name changes not saving correctly
  • Fixed current design option not saving in slideshow options dialog 
  • Fixed the resize warning icon appearing in current design slideshow slides
  • Fixed an edge case issue with Windows scaling
  • Fixed image well overlapping image in design view in Image Brander 
  • Fixed visual issue in Album Builder planner view where initially dragging images within frames could have delayed response
  • Fixed the planner view display of windowed covers
  • Fixed a macOS specific issue in which the update symbol would appear on images loaded from external hard drives even if they were up to date
  • Fixed visual issue in Image Brander in which applying a style that resizes the canvas did not immediately update the size



Version 7 .5. 32 – 7 .5. 34
  • Fixed edit panel controls appearing when sidebar is collapsed in Client View
  • Fixed Canvases not updating right away when changing wrap type in Gallery Designer
  • Fixed Wall View not resizing when different dimension rooms are dragged in
  • Fixed Collection and Composite group name changes not saving
  • Fixed slideshow limiting number of images equal to the number of pages in the current design 


Version 7 .5. 30 – 7 .5. 32
  • Speed improvement across the board in Windows
  • Speed improvement for initial image import
  • Removed reference to the loupe tool from resize warning tooltip
  • Fixed image overlapping images in Image Brander Design View
  • Fixed invalidation issue in Album Builder Planner View when dragging images within spreads
  • Fixed Gallery Designer crashing when reloading an existing project via menu while in Quick Design Picker
  • Fixed Planner View display of windowed covers 
  • Fixed invalidation when changing Gallery Designer print type
  • Fixed update symbol appearing over a rounding error involving external hard drive on Mac OS
  • Fixed invalidation issue in Image Brander when applying a style that resizes the canvas


Version 7 .5. 26 – 7 .5. 29
  • Reduced time it takes to copy Gallery Designer size to project database by 80-90%
  • Fixed Canvas size not updating properly when adding extensions or setting the square canvas property on Image Brander. 



Version 7 .5. 24 – 7 .5. 25


  • Fixed an issue with mouse cursor and drag image in different places when dragging images out of their frames on Windows 
  • Fixed incorrect sizing displayed on spreads in Design View
  • Fixed collapsing Image Well and top bar overlapping the canvas in Design View 
  • Changes made externally not always applying to proxies correctly in Design View 
  • Improved photo resizing performance on Windows
  • Fixed canvas resizing in Blog Collage


Version 7. 5. 21 – 7 .5. 23


  • Fixed Gallery Designer Design View background caching issue
  • Fixed flicker on Windows that occurred when OpenGL is enabled 
  • Fixed Gallery Designer Collections and Composites screens having unreadable text and icons when background is set to dark gray
Version 7 .5. 16 – 7 .5. 20


General Additions

Perfectly Clear

Retina Support 

Enhanced text tool

PNG importing allowed


  • Fixed crash on importing duplicate image or re-syncing 
  • Fixed PNGs being removed from the image well when Auto Designing 
  • Fixed pricing on first adding a gallery to an order from (+) button or from the order management panel
  • Fixed Drop Zones adopting the image spacing of another Drop Zone on the page when snapping to safe and center guides on the page