Version 8.0.23


Addressed additional menu bar cases where slideshow could show up at incorrect resolution
Fixed generated PDF forms not counting credit against the total order price
Corrected slideshow showing up at wrong resolution in secondary display when primary display is Retina
Fixed slideshow export failing on Windows for large slideshows
Fixed slideshow export failing on Windows if there were spaces in the installation path
Changed slideshow export to use high quality image scaling when pulling in original images on Windows
Changed import to use high quality image scaling when generating proxy and thumbnail images on Windows
Changed the draw order of the cover material area in the Album Builder designer view to not obscure the canvas controls

Version 8.0.20

Changed the default setting in Album Builder Auto Design to use 3:2 Accent Images instead of Mixed aspect ratios
Fixed a crash involving very large or very small text
Fixed a crash on certain slideshow exports
Fixed an issue that could cause Album Builder designs that were pinned in some older versions to not show up in the Quick Design Picker
Fixed the color picker not always opening in Blog Collage under Windows
Additional bug fixes and UI improvements

Version 8.0.14

Added feedback and instruction to restart after clearing design sets
Added an additional warning on export when significantly upscaling PNGs
Added the Pro Enhancements menu
Made the interaction between used/unused image well filters and keyword filters more intuitive and useful
Fixed a situation in which PNGs with extreme aspect ratios could be cropped slightly
Fixed a rare situation in which text could render differently between export and design time
Fixed a issue that made it hard to re-download design library room backgrounds after deleting them
Fixed a issue that caused some room backgrounds to disappear from the image well
Additional bug fixes and UI improvements

Version 8.0.10


  • Introduced Card Designer
  • Introduced the Design Library
  • Performance/speed improvements for Windows
  • Improved text presentation and usage
  • Corrected logic error causing data sync for export
  • Increased JPEG quality for thumbnails
  • Added Manage Billing Account menu item
  • Added support for framed prints to client order builder
  • Added wallpaper splits export to Gallery Designer
  • Added ability to create favorite labs
  • Added search ability to album setup for labs
  • Added additional assets for download in the Design Library
  • Changed Export File Name dialog checkbox 
  • Corrected licensing issue when switching to another WIFI on Mac
  • Restored client order export option
Version 7.6.33


Corrected slideshow export error on Mac
Added support for Grayscale images
Speed enhancements for Windows
Corrected background pattern scaling 
Corrected rotation issues for out of camera images on Windows

Version 7.6.25


  • Added Blog Collage page range export option
  • Added Blog Collage page numbers
  • Increased Blog Collage limit to 50
  • Corrected slideshow vertical image scaling
  • Corrected slideshow export audio loop
  • Corrected an issue causing large slideshow export failure on Windows
Version 7.6.19

Changes – Desktop

  • Slideshow export 
  • New music tracks for slideshow
  • Logo upload to slideshow
  • Delayed start for slideshow 
  • Ability to show images and designs in slideshow
  • Perfectly Clear batch sync
  • Removed extensions from file names when displaying on images
  • Corrected metadata issue affecting image rotation
  • New and improved Album setup wizard
  • Premium Labs include cover templates
  • Addition of GraphiStudio as a Global Partner
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

    Changes – Design Proofer

  • Password protection for proofs
  • Automated email reminders
  • HTML5 supported flip book
  • Cut lines and center line
  • Improved commenting 
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements


Version 7 .5. 41    
  • Fixed issue with over-saturation of images 
  • For already created projects use the menu item Images > Rebuild Project Images to see changes
  • Fixed memory leak in Planner View which may have caused some crashes


Version 7 .5. 35    
  • Speed improvement across the board in Windows
  • Speed improvement for initial image import 
  • Changed how slideshow slides are loaded to remove the delay before they start
  • Improved smoothness of slideshow cross-fades 
  • Added link to the change log for future auto-updater notifications
  • Removed reference to loupe tool from resize warning tooltip
  • Fixed a number of bugs that may have caused software crashes
  • Fixed visual issue in which a variety of settings in Gallery Designer did not appear to apply correctly
  • Fixed custom Gallery Designer size limits being too low when measure in metric
  • Fixed Perfectly Clear edit panel controls being able to scroll off of the panel
  • Fixed Perfectly Clear edit panels appearing when sidebar is collapsed in client view
  • Fixed Gallery Designer wall view not resizing correctly when different dimension rooms were dragged in
  • Fixed Collection and Composite group name changes not saving correctly
  • Fixed current design option not saving in slideshow options dialog 
  • Fixed the resize warning icon appearing in current design slideshow slides
  • Fixed an edge case issue with Windows scaling
  • Fixed image well overlapping image in design view in Image Brander 
  • Fixed visual issue in Album Builder planner view where initially dragging images within frames could have delayed response
  • Fixed the planner view display of windowed covers
  • Fixed a macOS specific issue in which the update symbol would appear on images loaded from external hard drives even if they were up to date
  • Fixed visual issue in Image Brander in which applying a style that resizes the canvas did not immediately update the size



Version 7 .5. 32 – 7 .5. 34
  • Fixed edit panel controls appearing when sidebar is collapsed in Client View
  • Fixed Canvases not updating right away when changing wrap type in Gallery Designer
  • Fixed Wall View not resizing when different dimension rooms are dragged in
  • Fixed Collection and Composite group name changes not saving
  • Fixed slideshow limiting number of images equal to the number of pages in the current design 


Version 7 .5. 30 – 7 .5. 32
  • Speed improvement across the board in Windows
  • Speed improvement for initial image import
  • Removed reference to the loupe tool from resize warning tooltip
  • Fixed image overlapping images in Image Brander Design View
  • Fixed invalidation issue in Album Builder Planner View when dragging images within spreads
  • Fixed Gallery Designer crashing when reloading an existing project via menu while in Quick Design Picker
  • Fixed Planner View display of windowed covers 
  • Fixed invalidation when changing Gallery Designer print type
  • Fixed update symbol appearing over a rounding error involving external hard drive on Mac OS
  • Fixed invalidation issue in Image Brander when applying a style that resizes the canvas


Version 7 .5. 26 – 7 .5. 29
  • Reduced time it takes to copy Gallery Designer size to project database by 80-90%
  • Fixed Canvas size not updating properly when adding extensions or setting the square canvas property on Image Brander. 



Version 7 .5. 24 – 7 .5. 25


  • Fixed an issue with mouse cursor and drag image in different places when dragging images out of their frames on Windows 
  • Fixed incorrect sizing displayed on spreads in Design View
  • Fixed collapsing Image Well and top bar overlapping the canvas in Design View 
  • Changes made externally not always applying to proxies correctly in Design View 
  • Improved photo resizing performance on Windows
  • Fixed canvas resizing in Blog Collage


Version 7. 5. 21 – 7 .5. 23


  • Fixed Gallery Designer Design View background caching issue
  • Fixed flicker on Windows that occurred when OpenGL is enabled 
  • Fixed Gallery Designer Collections and Composites screens having unreadable text and icons when background is set to dark gray
Version 7 .5. 16 – 7 .5. 20


General Additions

Perfectly Clear

Retina Support 

Enhanced text tool

PNG importing allowed


  • Fixed crash on importing duplicate image or re-syncing 
  • Fixed PNGs being removed from the image well when Auto Designing 
  • Fixed pricing on first adding a gallery to an order from (+) button or from the order management panel
  • Fixed Drop Zones adopting the image spacing of another Drop Zone on the page when snapping to safe and center guides on the page