Fundy Direct

March 31, 2016

New in Fundy Direct • RedTree Albums

In early March, we implemented ordering to RedTree Albums through Fundy Direct. We have had so much positive feedback and wanted to showcase the craftspeople behind RedTree Albums. We sat down with Billy Grubbs, part of …
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Industry Tips and Tricks

March 14, 2016

Upgrade Pricing to v7

Fundy Designer v6 was launched in February 2014, over two years ago. We have been providing free upgrades since that time. With v7 some of our users will be required to pay to upgrade from v6 to v7. This is …
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Industry Tips and Tricks

March 5, 2016

Announcing Fundy Designer v7

We believe strongly in the power of print and the power of visual storytelling, and wanted to bring something to you that would change everything. Our patented template-free design technology opened up an infinite world of design possibilities the world had never …
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March 2, 2016

Featured Storyteller • Erwin Darmali

As part of our new Storytelling series, we sat down with Erwin Darmali, a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia and Pasadena, to learn about his personal project focusing on the resiliency of a particular family. As …
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Fundy Designer Tips

February 20, 2016

Skin Retouching How To

Our latest update offers the option for new Pro Enhancements, which are add-ons to the existing all-in-one suite. One of these Pro Enhancements is Perfectly Clear one-click skin retouching built right into the software. This post will tell you how …
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