Here at Fundy Software we believe in the power of the printed product – both for families to enjoy for generations, and for the difference it can make for professional photographers in their business. Founded by former wedding and portrait photographer Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg in 2008, Fundy Software was created to give professionals a template-free design solution for complete creative control. Our team believes in constant improvement and innovation, and are now proud to offer the industry’s only professional all-in-one design and sales suite. We are dedicated to help photographers design better and do more.

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Founder and Idea Man

Andrew Funderburg

Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg – photography expert and industry visionary – has a passion for people, capturing emotions and telling their stories through print.  He is the creator of the Fundy Design Suite software platform and the founder of Fundy Software.

The Fundy Suite has transformed countless photography businesses and facilitated the production of millions of photo stories worldwide. The software design tools are simple and efficient for the busy photographer looking to capture the emotions of the moment and lay out the story of their clients with albums and wall art. Fundy continues to lead innovation and personally inspire photographers worldwide with his stories and a common sense approach to photo layout and the art of storytelling.

Fundy speaks four languages, holds a BA degree in English Literature from the University of Oregon, was a former Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Moldova, an Iron Chef Photographer in Japan, and has traveled the outer reaches of the planet preaching about the power for printed photography.


Jonathan Min-Wook Main

Jonathan Min-Wook Main, CEO of Fundy Software, oversees the corporate and administrative operations. As partners, Jonathan and Andrew work together for growth planning, marketing initiatives, and strategic implementation.

Having studied in the U.S., England, and Asia Far East, Jonathan is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and strategist; restructuring and scaling organizations for over 25 years in over 40 countries. At his core, he is a builder, striving to shape lucrative enterprises, robust systems, and most importantly to him, empowering and motivating the next generation of business leaders.

He has three children, is an avid golf and tennis player, and lives for adrenaline-pumping extreme sports. He also loves a good mani/pedi, but admits that most of the appeal is to freak out his twin teenaged daughters.

Jonathan lives by the mottos: “Go big or go home; You can sleep when you die; and If you can dream it, you can build it.” And while Jonathan takes his work very seriously, he is never afraid to laugh at himself. He often tells the story of a day-long overseas negotiation meeting, where he was interacting with all levels of a major company, from top executives to every staffing tier. Discussions were exceptional, but he was unsure why people kept staring at his forehead and not his eyes during introductions. He finally glanced in a mirror and realized that a large tuft of hair was standing straight up. Horrified, he realized that he had spent the whole day looking exactly like Alfalfa in Little Rascals. Lesson learned: things happen, and laughing at yourself will always help you get through it.

Director of Operations

Priscilla Howell

Priscilla Howell is a very complex person who is still evolving… but currently, the Director of Operations for Fundy Software. Originally from Crawfordville, FL, Priscilla is a graduate of Wesleyan College (the very first college in the world to grant degrees to women). She translates her affection for singing, acting, and reading into her ability to communicate the awesomeness that is Fundy.

Priscilla is dedicated to all things that allow her to be creative, including being very involved in local theater, even serving on the board of directors for Beaverton Civic Theatre. She is a karaoke queen and if she can’t think of anything to say, she can be counted on to randomly burst into song. Priscilla is known to have strong convictions and believe that an idea worth having is an idea worth considering. When she is not at work, she can be found hiking, running, or dancing around her living room.

Marketing Manager

Alli Scott

Alli Scott is the Marketing Manager at Fundy, making her the chief coordinator and analyst of all of the company’s marketing initiatives. Alli is constantly reading up on the latest trends on the interwebs to ensure the company stays on the cutting edge within digital and print media.

At Gonzaga University, Alli played soccer and studied Spanish and Sociology. After graduating, she spent time teaching English in a small beach town in Spain. Though it was tempting to stay forever, she returned home to obtain her Master’s degree in Business Communication and Marketing from the University of Portland.

Alli is so excited to be back working in the city she loves. She adores Portland’s culture as well as the outdoors. Not only an outdoor-loving, social media ninja, Alli considers herself a connoisseur of happy hour, with a concentration in cheese plates and wine.

Desktop Programmer

Jonathan Stickles

As a Software Engineer at Fundy Software, Jonathan Stickles has worked on all modules of both the v6 and v7 versions of the Designer suite, including the underlying Drop Zone and Auto Design technology. Jonathan is a former independent game developer who earned a Bachelor of Science in Game Design from DigiPen Institute of Technology. He satisfies his continuing love for video games by playing and creating them in his spare time and regularly guides his friends through dangers, perils, beholders, and mind flayers as Dungeon Master of their weekly Dungeons and Dragons group.

Software Developer

Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell is a developer with Fundy Software. He brings 10+ years of software development experience to the team environment, although he still laments there are days that he would have rather been a poet. As a hobby artist and photographer, Bill enjoys creating meaningful tools for other creative businesses.

The most important thing to Bill is his addiction to learning new things. His recent accomplishments include learning to swim, ride a motorcycle, and make the perfect omelet. In progress, he is studying the Chinese language and elements of biology, along with a perpetual education in photography, graphic design, and animation. In his spare time, he enjoys all forms of science fiction: books, movies, and TV series.

Marketing Assistant

Jack Salmon

Jack Salmon is the Marketing Assistant at Fundy, making him the resident social media expert. A natural creative, Jack has been known to make some of the more wild graphics you might see in the Fundy world.  Jack recently graduated with his degree in marketing from Oregon State University. One of the highlights of his time in college was studying abroad in Singapore, where he spent the majority of his time trying all the local cuisine. And studying, of course.

When he’s not analyzing the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm, Jack can usually be found snowboarding, snagging a few cold ones with the boys, or getting funky on the dance floor. He also has a strong passion for music; you may even be able to find a few music videos floating around YouTube if you look  hard enough.


Jon Toews

Jon Toews is one of the developers at Fundy. He specializes in backend development and mainly helps integrate the software with other technology. If you’re a fan of the ease of Fundy direct ordering, Jon is the guy you should thank! Having worked on several software startup projects in the past, Jon brings a lot of knowledge and expereince to our development team.

Jon has his degree in Computer Science from University of San Francisco, but has not stopped there. He’s currently pursuing certifications in Linux, Embedded Systems and VLSI from UC Santa Cruz. In his spare time, Jon enjoys indulging in overpriced food, which is likely pretty easy since he’s based in the San Francisco Bay Area.